Our values


    4C Consulting is a strong value driven company where our values act as a guidance in how we approach our clients and colleagues, and position ourselves in the market.  You are looking for a company where you can truly live these values? We'd be happy to speak with you!

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    We can do

    We are working in a business environment where things are moving very quickly. And to be honest, that's not always easy. But that's ok, because we all love a challenge and we are all focused on delivering the best results for our clients. Not by fancy presentations or theories, but by delivering concrete results, together as a team, with our clients.

    We inspire

    We are obsessed with making a difference. We don't just do what is expected from us, we go the extra mile to serve and delight our clients in the best possible way. We are eager to share our knowledge with our clients and to take them a step further in the future.

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    We are passionate

    We take pride in serving our clients by showing our enthusiasm, the love for our job, curiosity and energy. We like having fun and taking time to celebrate achievements. We go beyond a 9 to 5 mentality and we are reachable for our colleagues and clients. We like to smile.

    We show respect

    We are a diverse group of people, working for an even more diverse client base. In every interaction with colleagues and clients we keep our promises, adapt and try to see things from different perspectives. We threat everyone as equal and share a strong common understanding for confidentiality and trust.

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    You build customer companies


    The projects we do are challenging, intellectual stimulating and, most of the time, have never been done before. Together with your team, you have a direct impact on how companies will operate in the future and how they will adapt to an ever changing customer and business landscape. This means you will have a strong exposure in a certain timeframe to different types of projects, different business challenges and a variety of sectors.


    You can grow here


    Growing never stops and at 4C Consulting we try to create an environment that allows our people to have experiences and opportunities that help them to evolve, on a professional level, and on a personal level. There is no standard career path at 4C Consulting. We do have career structure where you can fit in, but based on your individual profile, ambitions and strengths, we will work with you to define your ideal career path. We make you reach your goal by implementing our buddy concept, intensive coaching, individual training programs and our performance management model. Lots of people today at 4C Consulting started as consultant, proving themselves and are now successful in their role as team lead, project manager, business architect or lead consultant. The proof is in the people!

    Team in the Picture: 4C Development Team

    Every month we will introduce one of our teams to you, more into detail!

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    Building apps in the world's leading cloud technology, that is our idea of fun! Every company in the world is in the app business.

    We don't want to worry about managing hardware, software upgrades, backups or security. The Salesforce App Cloud is a platform that allows our developers to focus on innovation and let their creativity run free.

    Our team consists of both young potentials and senior development experts that share the same passion. They build trusted cloud applications that are rock solid, secure and scalable. Collaboration and teamwork is key in what we do.

    Experience with HTML, CSS Javascript and JAVA/.NET allows any developer to become a Salesforce Development expert. Through customized training and guidance by senior developers, we provide you with the tools necessary to become an expert in development. 

    what we have to offer

    • Teamspirit
    • Healthy food
    • Chief Entertainment Office
    • Personal Development
    • Competitive Salary
    • Innovation
    • Challenging Clients
    • Career opportunities
    • Impact

    4C Consulting Belgium

    Stationsstraat 60, 2800 Mechelen


    Stationsstraat 60
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    4C Consulting France

    Avenue des Champs-Elysées 33, 75008 Paris

    4C Consulting France

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